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About Foreverhogs Rescue?

Foreverhogs are a small rescue currently based on Facebook, we take in hedgehogs that are living in dangerous or unsuitable conditions, we are not given hedgehogs for free we purchase them just to remove them from their poor situations. 

We then foster them until a suitable forever home can be found for them where they will be loved and kept correctly and in the right housing.

We have attempted to educate the sellers before hand but on most occasions people are not interested and just want to sell the animal, that is where we get involved.

We are a non-profit making, hedgehog rescue. We pay out to rescue hedgehog's in various areas, get them well and healthy and then find them suitable forever homes.

We have a facebook group which is a safe place for people to ask for advice, as well as join in with our fundraising auctions or raffles. Our facebook page also has adoption and foster forms