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About Me

I had my first hedgehog in 2008 a sweet natured brown girl called Millie, my obsession began after seeing African Pygmy Hedgehogs in a pet shop the year before and I immediately fell in love and so the story began. I bought my first hog from a lady in Newcastle upon Tyne, just a couple of hundred miles away, but still have to admit although I did quite extensive research I was still unsure of the correct care of these beautiful animals.

Even in just 4 short years research and understanding into the care of them has come on in leaps and bounds. 

I am a Club Approved Breeder, I am also on various forums as a moderator and have wrote information on Nutritional Advice and on how to handle grumpy hedgehogs.

I am part of the admin team on Forever Hogs and I am foster carer for them, if you are interested in offering a forever home to a rescued hog then come and meet us on facebook, details in the Useful Hedgehog Groups section

I have also spent the past 6 years researching and developing the UK's first specific complete APH food, which is being used in Europe and has had enquiries from USA and it is the only complete food that can be specifically tailored to your own hogs individual needs.

I live in Stoke on Trent and I am happy for people to come and meet my herd to help them decide if these are the right pet for them.