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Testimonials - Food

Toni - Edinburgh 

"Sunny, my 13 month old APH, has always been a small girl who never ate a lot of food and with quite a low weight. She would never, ever try any new foods and it took me until she was about 11/12 months old to get her off the kitten biscuits her breeder fed her. Mealies and morios? Just as long. Things like chicken and mince and all the nice things? We're still not there. She. Is. Fussy.I was very curious about Su's food but knew it was probably going to be a wasted effort... not a chance Sunny would eat it. When it arrived, I placed a little bit in her already made mix and, the following morning, the entire bowl was gone. She's now completely transitioned over to 100% Hungry Hog food and she is LOVING it. She's even tried chicken since moving to this food! It has to be connected. I'd recommend it to everyone and it'll be a very very sad day if Su ever stops making it."

Faith - Mansfield

After years of keeping APH I am so pleased that someone has finally produced a specific diet. This saves me so much time.

I started using it with 2 of my hogs to trial it but soon switched my whole herd onto it.

I cannot praise this food enough, it is fantastic quality and all my hogs love it.

Tracey - St Helens

I have been using the hungry hogs food mix with my african pygmy hedgehog herd for a few months now. My reason for choosing this mix rather than keep to my own was cost... my old mix had 4 biscuits with 1 of those cereal based... its costing a fortune to buy 4 in bulk to mix and that was just for the biscuits alone... I wanted to add more biscuits but its just not cost effective. Then the hungry hogs mix became available to buy. It has 10 biscuits in the mix plus fruit, vegetables, rice and dried insects.. It was slightly more expensive to buy than the 4 biscuit mix I was using...but it has so much more in the mix that was not cost effective for me to do at home. My hogs loved it, I added it slowly into the mix so not to upset tummies, and found amazingly that my fussy eater bramble loved it, even the bugs! ... she has thrived on the mix the most. I would never go back to 4 biscuit mix again...this mix has varieties for those needing to gain weight and those who need to loose weight too plus with no mixing, no bulk buying, no weighing or measuring, just open and pour in. My only warning is not to panic when you wake up to rainbow coloured hogs from annointing 

Tracey - St Helens

First, why decided to try you food - it's characteristics seemed quite valuable to me, I mean the primary products you use and also the qualitative analysis of the final product.

I've been using your food for three weeks now, that's not a long time, but some results can be seen already. Both hogs enjoy it very much. I see almost no leftovers in their bowls. Both look shiny and athletic - by this I mean they have literally no excess fat. And still they are gaining weight nicely - they are still growing, so quality food is twice as important for them. Stools are ideal. So I'm really satisfied so far. With time I can add some more observations to my review.

And of course I'm very pleased with your quick response and kind attitude. Everything was sorted really fast and I would have gotten the food right away if our stupid post didn't almost lose it.

Aljona is a veterinary technician and has extensive experience in pet nutrition

Tracey - St Helens

fantastic food, everything my little hog alby needs, i dont have to worry about getting the mix as its delivered to my door with alot off different bugs veg and fruit in, he loves it, his a different colour everyday !!! thank you su.

Tracey - St Helens

The correct diet is extremely important for my hogs, especially being a student veterinary nurse, nutrition is the key to a healthy hog.

Hungry hog food is the best available in my opinion, even creating my own food mix I would not meet the quality or variety.

The food has a great balance of biscuits, fruit, veg and insects!

My hogs transition onto the food was easy, when mixing with my original food they're were picking out the hungry hogs mix! I'm now greeted with empty bowls every morning. The diet is also a great aid in the care of my hog with long time health issues.

Hungry hog mix saves me time, money and my hogs are healthier than ever!! I couldn't ask for more!